Client: Eminent Suite

The client has different properties to manage and accepting bookings from different channels (eg.,,, etc.).

They need a system to manage their bookings by linking all the channels inventory, so it won’t have overbooked issues for their website.

Payment gateway from the website is also fully integrated with the booking system and it supports all the popular Card payment (VISA/ MasterCard/ UnionPay) and Malaysia FPX Online Banking (Direct Debit).

The flow of booking

  1. Client book from the website or other channels (eg.,,, etc.).
  2. Client fill up the details and receive the payment request via email and SMS
  3. The client chooses the payment method from Card Payment or Online Banking.
  4. The room being blocked in the Property Management System (PMS)
  5. PMS block the inventory and sync with all other channels to avoid overbook
  6. PMS records payment details
  7. The client receives the booking confirmation
  8. Property owner receiver payment notification

↓Website Booking system ↓


↓ Property Management System (PMS) ↓

↓ Booking details shown in the hotel website, details retrieved from PMS ↓

↓ Payment Gateway↓