Check-in Form

Filing of all the forms
  • Check-in process flow:
    • Get guest to fill up paper form and sign for T&C
    • Photocopy guest’s identification document
    • Ask if the guest needs any add on (padlock/towel)
    • Papers are being stored and over 1500 papers are being used per month
    • Time take: 10 minutes
    • Difficult to retrieve guest’s details
  • Printing process flow:
    • Guest ask front desk officer to print the document
    • Guest check the price per printing paper
    • Guest send the file to front desk PC to print


The iPad was being implemented to process all the check-in operations
  • Check-in process flow:
    • Get guest’s contact details, signature and document is being captured and attached on iPad
    • Upload to private cloud
    • 0 paper being used
    • Time take 2-3 minutes
    • Just search through the cloud storage by entering the keywords to retrieve guest’s details
  • Printing process flow:
    • Printing facilities being installed in public PC for guests and printed at the photocopy machine.
    • Price is being mentioned