The vision of this system is to improve the quality of life on attendance checking that’s currently operated during lectures in the universities. This system is aimed towards on reducing the amount of time for a student’s attendance to be taken. Currently, the method of taking attendance involves the lecturer to take a student’s attendance individually, as it is inefficient. Let’s say a classroom has an amount of twenty to a hundred students in it, it will be time consuming to take the attendance of each and every student from the conventional method. The system we are introducing will allow each student to take their own attendance through a portal provided by the University, while not allowing it to be abused by students that did not attend classes to take attendance.Each student will need to verify themselves by using their fingerprint as verification on a fingerprint recognition enabled and Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smartphone. A fingerprint sensor device which built-in NFC chip will be provided by the lecturer in the classroom. The sensor device will be only works in online mode to check whether the student is enrolled in that class or not. It is connected to the server for identification check and save the attendance.


The whole process of this system starts when the user wants to take his attendance for the class, it starts when the user input his/her fingerprint onto the Fingerprint Identity Scanner on the Smartphone which is conventionally located as the menu button on the Smartphone, the Fingerprint Identity Scanner would scan the user’s finger that has been placed on to the Fingerprint Scanner. The fingerprint will be captured in high resolution image and converts to mathematical representation.

The Smartphone would then proceed to send a request to the Smartphone’s chip with the mathematical representation of the fingerprint from the user and then validate it with the numerical representation that has been stored and registered within the Smartphone’s SPA(Student Personel Assistant) system. A ”Yes” token will be release if it is matched with the stored fingerprint in the chip, whereas a “No” token for unmatched fingerprint.

SPA system will release the student information once the “Yes” token detected. The student ID of the student that’s been saved from the SPA system will then sends it to a physical device which is a NFC(Near Field Connection) reader via NFC.